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We're 19 years old today! And we're celebrating...

Today marks nineteen years since the founding of Spectrum Plastics, the company behind the market leading unbreakable plastic coat hook - Toughook.The past nineteen years have seen Spectrum evolve from a bespoke contract manufacturer for trade clients to a designer and manufacturer of many our own products, including the Toughook range.In 2017 we want to continue our drive to equip every school with our safer, unbreakable plastic coat hooks. We’ve driven demand for Toughook by expanding our original design, adding a Mini and XL version of the world's best selling plastic coat hook. In fact, you can now choose from...

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Top Tips for De-Cluttering Your Classroom

Clearing out the classroom at the end of the school year can be a monumental task, so if you want to reduce your workload next term, make some headway on it now. De-cluttering your classroom will not only make things easier in the summer term, you’ll also have time to feel the benefit of your hours spent sorting through the contents of drawers, cupboards and shelves. But working out what ‘might come in useful’ and what is taking up valuable space can be difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered a few useful tips to help you de-clutter effectively. Will you use...

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5 Signs Your Classroom is Due For a Revamp

As the end of the school year gradually comes into sight, it’s time to start thinking about what works and what doesn’t in your classroom. The summer brings a great opportunity to change the design, layout and fittings of your classroom or nursery, but if you want to make the most of this opportunity then now is the time to identify problems and gather ideas. Here are 5 signs that your room needs a revamp at the end of next term, to get you thinking about what to focus on in the next few months: 1. Clutter, Clutter Everywhere Hard...

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4 ways to educate and entertain your class this end of term

Now that the stress of summer exams is out of the way, both you and your pupils deserve a break. With the pressing priorities of the curriculum covered, keeping the momentum of the school day going with educational activities can be a little tricky. If you’re in need of some end of term time-fillers to make the next few weeks go smoothly here are four activities for primary schools that will make that final school term fun and memorable. Make a Memories Book A year is a very long time in a child’s life, yet it flies so incredibly fast....

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The world's first climbing wall made from coat hooks

Our owner, founder and designer of the Toughook, Tony, has always said Toughooks were so strong you could build a climbing wall from them. But nobody had ever tried ... until now.

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