About Us

Toughook is a brand name owned by Spectrum Plastics Ltd, an injection moulding design and manufacturing company from Lancashire, England.

Toughook was created to address the needs of schools, nurseries and workplaces that needed a safer replacement for brittle metal hooks. The protruding shape of the standard metal coat peg is already too dangerous to be in our schools, but when they are broken those dangers are multiplied.

  • Protruding metal coat hooks in schools risk eye-level injuries to our children
  • Broken metal coat pegs are jagged and sharp risking cuts and damage to property
  • Metal coat hooks are easily bent and snapped deliberately

Unbreakable & Safe

The project was to design a hat and coat hook that could replace these standard metal coat hooks to make schools, nurseries, gyms and work places safer.

Our original design the Toughook was originally offered in just one size and fifteen colours but that range now includes four sizes and twenty colours.