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About Us

The story of Toughook:
the original and greatest unbreakable hook!

In 2006, we realised there was a need for a safer alternative to the common
metal coat hook. Traditional metal hooks can be dangerous, susceptible to breaking and boring to look at. So we designed and developed a safe, strong and striking hook. It was sold in the thousands to manufacturers of educational furniture who were looking for hooks that were stronger and more colourful than those currently available at the time.

As the hooks were installed in more and more schools across the country it became clear there was growing demand and in 2012 we decided to brand name it 'Toughook' - a plain and simple a description of the product.... a Tough Hook !

A dedicated website, expertly designed by Archer Cooper, soon followed and this helped to bring the Toughook Original to a greater audience. Archer Coopers e-commerce and copywriting experience helped Toughook to flourish and our hooks were increasingly sold into homes, workplaces and schools throughout the UK and across the world.

Toughooks ruggedness was put to the test by Glasgow Climbing Centre, who built an entire climbing wall from Toughooks enabling us to clearly demonstrate how incredibly strong these really are.

They have been spotted numerous times on TV show backgrounds, even appearing in a few Coronation Street episodes!

In the next few years we expanded the Toughook range. Our MINI and ONE versions were designed for the places where a larger Toughook just can't go, whereas our XL version was made for bulkier heavy-duty jobs. We also added over twenty colours, standard across the entire range of Toughooks, allowing you to truly personalise your space.

No matter the size, all our Toughooks feature the same signature design and unbreakable guarantee that is known across the globe.

In 2016 we launched the PerfectFit line of laminate coat rails.

Made using the finest Formica ABS Shell Laminates, each coat rail features signature Toughook designs in an easy-to-install, modular format. This allows for seamless combinations between PerfectFit rails of any lengths; from three hooks all the way to twelve. Using our specially-designed jigs and concealed pre-drilled fixing holes, you can ensure a perfect finish every time.

Every single Toughook is made using our own tools, our own machinery, in our own factory right here in Lancashire, UK.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we're no strangers to flattery. We’ve seen copy-cats and impersonators make attempts to replicate our original designs - all of which have been unsuccessful - but don't be fooled: Spectrum Plastics has over 25 years injection moulding experience, we originate designs and continually invest in our business to serve you better.

The original and greatest unbreakable hook will always be Toughook!