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Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks for Schools

Toughooks are plastic coat hooks for nurseries and schools

A school's first priority is always for the safety of the children in its care. Whether they are just starting primary school or boisterous teenagers - sending them home in one piece is critical.

For years one area of safety has been dangerously overlooked in schools across the country.

Metal coat hooks are a common sight in changing rooms, corridors and classrooms in many schools. They had them there when I was at school and many schools continue to use them today.

For many years they were the only solution available. At a couple of pounds each, these coat hooks are inexpensive and easy to fit. 

Unfortunately, they have a couple of major drawbacks:

  • They jut out from the wall at a dangerous angle for any child walking too closely or falling onto them
  • They break regularly, either from deliberate vandalism or over-eager kids pulling their coats and stressing the brittle aluminium
  • Once they are broken they become highly dangerous with jagged edges capable of tearing coats, piercing clothing and lacerating a child's skin

It became clear to us that there had to be a better way. We wanted safer schools.

We created the solution we wanted to see

As part of our commitment to making schools safer, we designed the Toughook. First the Original (80mm) Toughook and more recently the Toughook Mini, Toughook One and now the Toughook XL.

Toughooks are designed to eliminate every problem that metal coat hooks present to primary and secondary schools.

  • The flat curve profile means no jabbing, stabbing or snagging
  • The heavy-duty nylon construction and clever design means they are 100% unbreakable - we even guarantee it for life
  • They cost the same or less than equivalent metal coat hooks
  • They come in 20 different colours - no more dull silver hooks in your classrooms

Plastic coat hooks for schools

Get a free sample for your school

Not sure if Toughook is right for your school? Try one for free, on us, we'll even pay for the delivery. We'll send you any size or colour you'd like completely free so you can see in person why Toughook is right for your school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get credit terms for my order?

A: We can accept Purchase Orders for orders over £100+VAT in value. Payment must be made by BACS or Cheque before the order is dispatched. After your first order we can set up a credit account on completion of a credit application form.

All orders under £100 + VAT - please use our online ordering system instead.


Q: Can I see a Toughook before I decide to buy to check the colour, size, fit or quality?

A: Yes, you can order a sample pack (you only pay for postage) which includes all four sizes of Toughook in whichever colour you prefer.

Q: Can I order Toughooks via Fax or over the telephone?

A: Of course you can, whatever suits you best, but remember we can't provide the 10% discount unless you order online.

If you are spending over £100 and want to order via fax we need you to raise an official purchase order with all your school details on there and fax it to us at 01253 486747.

If you prefer telephone ordering, call 01253 895900.

Coat hooks for nurseries and schools

  • Toughook Mini

  • Toughook Original

  • Toughook Original

  • Toughook Mini

  • Toughook Mini

  • Toughook Original

  • Toughook Original

  • Toughook Mini

  • Toughook Mini

  • Toughook Mini

  • Toughook One

  • Toughook XL

  • Toughook Original

  • Toughook One

  • Toughook Original

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