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Toughook: Now featuring on TV...kind of

Eagle-eyed viewers of ITV’s Emmerdale on 24th September might have spotted a familiar brand re-emerging on TV for the first time in 20 years.

Cadbury’s Roses launched their first new TV advertising campaign in two decades with a new ad featuring a young boy who says Roses instead of thank you.

**Spoiler Alert**
At the denouement of the ad, it is revealed that the boy overheard his teachers discussing the best way to say thank you at school. Of course, the answer was Roses.

Setting aside their choice of confection, the teachers in this particular school are clearly some smart cookies. Featuring prominently on the left side of the screen (at 29 seconds) are multiple colours of Toughook.

The colourful plastic coat hooks look to have replaced some dated blue metal hooks, as we see them sneaking in at the right of the frame. Thank goodness too as the hooks are mounted at perfect eye-level for the young boy and our eye-level safe design means no more nasty injuries.

Not every school has the budget to replace all of their hooks at once, but remember that if you do we have a discount for buying larger quantities on all of our hook sizes and colours. You can mix and match to secure the discount too.

So whilst prime-time TV advertising isn’t quite right for the Toughook market, it’s always lovely to be featured. And if it helps one school realise there are safer, longer-lasting hook options available - then we’ll be very happy.