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We're 19 years old today! And we're celebrating...

Today marks nineteen years since the founding of Spectrum Plastics, the company behind the market leading unbreakable plastic coat hook - Toughook.

The past nineteen years have seen Spectrum evolve from a bespoke contract manufacturer for trade clients to a designer and manufacturer of many our own products, including the Toughook range.

In 2017 we want to continue our drive to equip every school with our safer, unbreakable plastic coat hooks. We’ve driven demand for Toughook by expanding our original design, adding a Mini and XL version of the world's best selling plastic coat hook. In fact, you can now choose from four different sizes of unbreakable hook, in 20 different colours. You can now also buy a ready-made hook board direct from us, with your choice of hooks already attached. To meet the increasing demand for Toughooks, we have invested heavily in both our facilities and our equipment.

As of December 2016, we have expanded our current premises to include the building adjacent to us, doubling our available space. To harness this extra capacity we’ve invested in two new 90tn ENGEL Injection Moulding machines. While ENGEL might not be a household name outside of the plastics industry, they are recognised as the world leader in injection moulding machines. Think of them as the “BMW” of the injection moulding world!

Spectrum uses ENGEL for all of our injection moulding machines because since 1998 we’ve had a firm commitment to quality. There are cheaper machines available, but investing so much money in such high-quality machines has several benefits:

- ENGEL machines are far more reliable and suffer little downtime, allowing us to make the most of our production capability and meet demand
- ENGEL machines and well-made UK precision manufactured tooling lead to less wasted material, underlining our commitment to being a green company
- Less wasted material means lower cost, savings we pass directly to you, our customer

- As the actual manufacturer of Toughook we offer you the best price on your plastic coat hooks, with no middle-men or resellers involved (unlike every other plastic hook supplier)

To all of our customers, we say a huge Thank You for being a part of our story. We're looking forward to our next nineteen years in business and expanding our vision of Safer Schools beyond the UK and into Europe and North America.