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An update from Toughook HQ

Despite a difficult time for some sectors of UK manufacturing Toughook continues to expand. Architects across the world are now specifying our hooks in their plans for school and public space refurbishments.

Toughook is becoming the standard for safe coat hooks in schools across the globe. The next time you’re in California look out for Toughooks — several Californian Education Authorities have made Toughooks 'standard issue' throughout their school network due to their safe, non-protruding design

We’re happy to see that schools are becoming safer but we know there’s still a very long way to go before dangerous metal coat hooks are a thing of the past.

The Toughook range continues to develop and expand, most recently with the launch of our new Coat Rails. The second generation of rail has a much more consistent finish, hidden fixtures and fit together to make longer length rails as required. There are more exciting hook developments in the pipeline, watch this space…

Now available to buy from Amazon

You can now buy a limited range of Toughooks from and Packs of 10 hooks are perfect for offices and homes and thanks to Amazon Prime can be with you next day for no extra cost.

Ordering from means that US customers can receive smaller quantities of hooks faster too thanks to Amazon’s extensive US delivery network. If you’re looking for quantities of fewer than 50 hooks, our Amazon range is worth checking out.

Environmental commitment

Plastics have been in the news a lot recently, but not for good reasons. Single-use plastics like straws, food packaging and cotton buds have met with a lot of criticism because of the enormous amounts of waste they generate.

Spectrum Plastics Ltd, the parent company of Toughook, is keen to point out that Toughooks are an environmentally responsible product. Not only are they produced using efficient processes on modern ENGEL injection moulding machines (with any waste materials re-used for other products) but their long life means they’re incredibly environmentally friendly.

A standard metal hook might manage a 2 or even 3 years before being broken and needing to be replaced. Every Toughook is guaranteed unbreakable for life.

Do you know of any schools that still use unsafe metal coat hooks? Let us know and we’ll send them a free sample pack so they can see how much safer their school can be.