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Taking Care of our Environment

At Toughook we’re pretty serious about the environment. We’ve got one planet and making sure we do the absolute best we can do look after it is important to us.

Our parent company, Spectrum Plastics has made some significant investments to this effect.

Our Machinery

We use only the best, most efficient ENGEL injection moulding machines to make every Toughook. OK, they’re not cheap, but quality very rarely is. Using newer ENGEL machines to make Toughooks means we consume less electricity, waste less material and produce less excess than more common injection moulding machines.

Our Process

From their inception, Toughooks are designed to use just as much material as is necessary to make them unbreakably strong. The design is strong where it counts. The lean design means we use less plastic.

But that’s not the only way we make the process as efficient as possible. Through the clever design of the tools (the moulds we use to make Toughooks) we minimise wastage. Regular maintenance and rigorous quality control also mean that very few cycles are ever wasted in our top-of-the-line machinery.

Waste Recycling

Any waste plastic from the process of manufacturing Toughooks is chipped and recycled to be made into other plastic products. To maintain their unbreakable strength and for quality control, we only use virgin material in our Toughooks.

Many other products manufactured by Spectrum Plastics can use recycled materials to lower cost, improve environmental impact and suffer no ill-effects.

Eco-friendly Packaging

We don’t use excess material in our packaging, preferring the humble cardboard box; a fully biodegradable and sustainable material. Using the bare-minimum Polyethylene based packaging means we add very little to the environmental burden created by those plastics. And every bag we use is a tough, re-sealable and reusable ziplock bag.

Use Phase Impact

When considering the environmental impact of any product, it’s always important to consider its lifespan. Since our Toughooks are unbreakable and guaranteed for life, they last considerably longer than their metal counterparts.

Once you’ve replaced your broken metal hooks with Toughooks, you’ll never need to replace them again (unless you fancy a different colour!). How many metal hooks would you use in the lifetime of a single Toughook?