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Top Tips for De-Cluttering Your Classroom

Clearing out the classroom at the end of the school year can be a monumental task, so if you want to reduce your workload next term, make some headway on it now. De-cluttering your classroom will not only make things easier in the summer term, you’ll also have time to feel the benefit of your hours spent sorting through the contents of drawers, cupboards and shelves.

But working out what ‘might come in useful’ and what is taking up valuable space can be difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered a few useful tips to help you de-clutter effectively.

Will you use it?

It’s all too easy to fall into the ‘hoarder’ category when storing things in a nursery or classroom. So use the current school year as a benchmark of how much you use things. If it’s gathered dust in the cupboard up to date, and you have no plans to use it before July, put it in the scrap pile.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

That said, sorting out your classroom can uncover some great resources that you forgot you even had! To prevent forgetting about them all over again, put them in a more accessible area, so you’ll be more likely to remember to bring them into your lesson or play session.

Rehome It

Some objects can find their way into your classroom, and whilst you may not need them regularly, they’re still essential. If your school or nursery has a general storage room, why not rehome it there to take the pressure off space in yours? That way, you can make the resources accessible for all, and avoid throwing out useful items in the process of sorting out.

Filter Things Down

If your classroom seems to accumulate the ‘basics’, spend some time making an inventory to check how many pens, books, toys and games you have versus the number of children in your class. They may be essential, but do you need twice as many items as the number of students? Filter things down if this is the case, so you only have as many resources as you need (and a few spares of course!).

Improve Your Organisation

From the children’s belongings to folders and books, are you making optimum use of space in your classroom? Hanging things up on hooks, adding more shelves, and rethinking the layout of your classroom will all help to make it look and feel less cluttered. Especially once you’ve whittled down the contents of your classroom to get rid of useless ‘stuff’!

Start making a dent in the clearing and sorting workload now and you’ll be in a good position to work out what resources are being used, which ones aren’t, and what to assess over the coming term. With a tidy learning space, you’ll be able to envisage ways to further improve the classroom, so that when the end of the year arrives you’ll already be one step ahead.