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How to Keep Your Classroom Organised

When trying to manage a classroom full of children, keeping things tidy can be a near impossible task. But if you want to get home before Coronation Street, you need to organise your classroom to save you time and energy cleaning up after the kids leave.

Read our short guide for some top tips on classroom organisation that will make your life a LOT easier.

Everything in Its Place

Take the time at the start of each term to establish the set-up of the classroom, and a system that will make it easy to maintain. Where will you keep stationery, games, books and learning apparatus? Is there a designated area where the children can store their belongings?

How about a secure place to keep your own? Remember to make the things you use regularly accessible for both you and the children – you’ll soon figure out a layout that works. When everything has its place, you’ll find it far easier to keep the room tidy.

Classroom Essentials

A few classroom essentials can make a big difference in helping you stay on top of paperwork. Stationary and those ‘bits and bobs’ then inevitably get lost over term. They can also help you make the most of the space available, to prevent clutter from building up. Using different coloured trays, paper holders, folders and boxes will help you to coordinate your classroom. Print clear and easy-to-read labels for everything to make tidying up at the end of the day a simpler task.

Book bags, coats and jumpers get in the way over the course of the day. So use some wall space (ideally near the door) in your classroom or nursery to put coat hooks in place. Especially in the winter months, these are essential to keep wet outdoor layers out of the way, and a colourful set of plastic hooks are a safe way to organise and brighten up your classroom.

Get the Kids Involved

Learning to tidy up and respect classroom property are key lessons for growing kids, so it’s a good idea to get the children involved in organising the classroom. You can transform the dreaded task of tidying up from a chore into a fun game for the kids.

Why not set up a reward scheme that recognises responsible children in your group with a special treat? Or allow the children to create colourful hand-drawn labels that will make organisation a group effort, including them in the process? There are plenty of ways that you can make these classroom tasks fun, both for you and the children.

Don’t face the uphill battle of keeping your classroom clutter-free. Start with a tidy, organised room at the beginning of term, and get creative with the kids to find ways to keep improving your nursery or classroom. Eventually, you’ll settle on a format that fits perfectly with your teaching style and group, to make managing your classroom a breeze from day to day.