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Heavy Duty Hooks for School and Work

A heavy duty problem

Ask any school caretaker, and they’ll recount the summers spent removing bent and broken metal coat hooks. Then they replace them with exactly the same ones; only to repeat the process all over again the year after.

It isn't only schools. Gyms, offices, leisure centres - every place using metal coat hooks the story is the same. They’re too easily misused or deliberately vandalised.

Metal hooks are:

  • Rigid and dangerous at eye-level
  • Potentially lethal when broken
  • Easy to break (either deliberately or carelessly)
  • Expensive to replace
  • Not colourful (hard to match your colour scheme)

Sometimes only a heavy duty hook will do the job.

You need something that’s not going to bend, break or fracture. Metal is a durable and reliable material for a lot of purposes - but it is susceptible to bending or breaking under heavy strain. In environments where only heavy duty hooks will do the job, metal coat hooks just don't cut the mustard

Bent or broken hooks can not only lead to a failure to hold what you want them to but become a dangerous and unsightly fixture.

A heavy duty solution

We make Toughooks from unbreakable nylon. It isn’t brittle, so won’t snap. It’s engineered not to bend. You won’t ever have to replace them (unless you want to try one of the other 19 colours).

How strong are they?

We built a climbing wall with them in Glasgow and watched as fully grown men climbed across them, hung from them and put them through their paces.

Not a single one broke.

Heavy duty hooks for your workplace, school or home

Metal hooks tend to come in one boring colour - metal. Maybe you fancy getting some powder coated hooks? Those come in a limited range of colours and are expensive. And you've still got all the problems of metal hooks.

Our unbreakable heavy duty Toughooks come in 20 colours and 4 sizes from Black and White to Purple and Pink. There’s a colour to suit your bedroom, office, changing room or corridor.