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How to Keep Your Classroom Organised

When trying to manage a classroom full of children, keeping things tidy can be a near impossible task. But if you want to get home before Coronation Street, you need to organise your classroom to save you time and energy cleaning up after the kids leave. Read our short guide for some top tips on classroom organisation that will make your life a LOT easier. Everything in Its Place Take the time at the start of each term to establish the set-up of the classroom, and a system that will make it easy to maintain. Where will you keep stationery,...

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5 Must-Have Apps for Primary School Teachers

Technology has transformed the classroom in recent years, with tablets now a staple requirement for nurseries and primary schools throughout the UK. Bursting with potential, apps and technology can enhance your lessons and make managing the children a much easier task. But with so many apps available, where do you start in finding the best ones? We’ve done some digging to pick out our 5 favourite apps for primary school teachers, from fun classroom activities to great tools to keep the kids quiet! 1. Educreations Not everyone is a natural at writing on a white board, and for small classrooms...

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5 Tips For Teachers to Deal With Difficult Parents

When you trained to become a teacher or started out in nursery, you probably learnt everything there was to know about dealing with children; from learning difficulties to behavioural problems. You probably didn't prepare for the fact that when you take on a class of 20 children; you’re also taking on roughly double the number of parents. And not all of them are the flowers and chocolates-bearing sort. If you’ve got a few difficult parents on your hands at nursery or primary school, here are 5 tips to help you manage them. 1. Hear them Out Whether they’re annoyed about an incident...

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